Hart als Zuid: postponed

Photo by Cristóbal Pereira

Due to tightened measures related to Covid-19 that apply since yesterday, Naamloos Collective has decided to revise the set-up of Hart als Zuid. This way, we can continue with our initial aim of creating an inspiring project, in first place for the Feijenoord neighborhood and its residents. A key element of Hart als Zuid has been the gathering of people in South. Since the current situation does simply not allow for this, the opening as planned on October 16th, as well as the tours, are postponed for the time being. All program activities will also be postponed until further notice.

Although unfortunate, we are determined to find a valuable and creative solution that carries out the project’s intentions, while also taking care of our health and safety. Keep an eye on our online platforms for further changes – Instagram, and Facebook. Good stuff is still to come!

Four works

Eight characters’ personal stories inform Hoop voor Zuid (Hope for Zuid), four spoken-word videos inspired by encounters with the neighbourhood’s entrepreneurs, youth workers and social workers.

Arc de Mémoire is a sculpture intended for the residents of one of Feijenoord’s neighbourhoods. The work tells a story of ownership: it is a bridge, a gate and a canvas on which key Feijenoord figures – its residents, students and local artists – collect their stories in image and text.

The Place In-Between is an installation that channels Feijenoord’s residential environment by translating its characteristics into sound and image. What is the importance of sound in a living environment, and how does the sound landscape create a sense of home and belonging?

An Urban Museum will surround the works for the two weeks of the exhibition. It is an imaginary museum in which apparently insignificant, abandoned objects, found in the streets of Feijenoord, are presented as attractions, made by the residents for the community.


Routes mapped out by the local community take you along the artworks. The residents know their neighbourhood better than anyone. As Hart als Zuid ambassadors, they take you along some of the area’s more surprising locations. Readings and personal experiences from their neighbourhood become part of the works on these routes. Or will the works become part of their regular routes? They tell about their favourite places, eateries, pleasant or not-so-pleasant recollections of their surroundings. The tours criss-cross the streets and neighbourhoods, from the Spoorweghavenplein via Warung Sayang towards the Kaapstraat: its shops and residents’ lives shape Hart als Zuid.

“We are what society calls us to be.”
About Naamloos Collective

Hart als Zuid has been set up with Rotterdam’s South current socio-economic changes in mind. Naamloos Collective, nourished by their personal experiences there and their migrant backgrounds, set out to explore how the South’s residents perceive these changes. How do people get to know their neighbourhood? What makes people feel at home or alienated?

Hart als Zuid has come about because of the surprising perspectives and unique life stories that Naamloos Collective tracked down in conversation with the local community. By presenting these stories, they hope to stimulate awareness of the importance of ownership within one’s surroundings.

Keep an eye on our socials for the ins & outs, and further updates from Hart als Zuid.

We are story collectors who make visible the rich diversity that is present in Rotterdam’s South, by entering into dialogue with the community. We remain Unnamed and are not bound by frameworks and expectations – we are everything and nothing. Our chameleon-like identity allows us to facilitate space for marginalised communities that do not fit the norm. We do this by connecting with the surroundings and illuminating experiences that are usually silenced. “We are what society calls us to be.”

With its projects, the collective tries to address current social issues in the form of art, workshops and research. Hart als Zuid is its first outcome. The group hopes to be an inspiration to other young collectives in cities and neighbourhoods facing the same socio-economic challenges in promoting their living environment’s art and culture.

Who we are
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Shearey Pinas

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Sam Wullems

Email: info@naamlooscollective.com

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Naamloos Collective was created with the support of MAMA and On the Point, and made possible by Creative Europe, Fund for Cultural Participation and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. The collective will realise future projects under its own name.

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