screen-shot-2022-11-14-at-12-21-05-2Mother's Archive, 2022 Digital scans and collaging, machine knitted textile panel. by Martina Farrugia

In the upcoming weeks, our showroom windows will serve as their own gallery space, showcasing Martina Farrugia’s work. Despite being closed for build-up, do visit our showroom to see theFarrugia’s window exhibition ‘Mother’s Archive’.

This project delves into Martina’s fascination over a notebook she frequented in her younger years, containing scribbles, notes, textile samples and magazine pastes that Farrugia’s mother had compiled back when she had attended sewing school in Malta.
This experimental work plays with different interpretations of graphical archival elements: the digital collage and overlays with textile swatches present a playful perspective, where the artist combines different scans taken from the notebook and reinterprets the collection of textiles, as if pasting them in the notebook itself.

Martina Farrugia (1998) is a designer based between Malta and the Netherlands. She has a background in art history, archaeology and digital art. Her current work tackles the acts of collecting and reconstructive memory, translating these fascinations and findings through the use of clay. Martina is part of MaMA’s host learning trajectory.


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