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Join us on Saturday April 20th at MaMA in Rotterdam for an afternoon of discussion and discovery. Together, we will be discussing “Dawn” by Octavia Butler and exploring the WHOSE LAND IS IT ANYWAY? / Y TA KEN SU TERA E TA? exposition.

“Dawn” by Octavia Butler is a science fiction novel following the journey of Lilith Iyapo. Lilith is a human survivor awakened by an alien species known as the Oankali, who offer her a chance for humanity’s survival through genetic merging. It is the first book in the Xenogenesis / Lilith’s Brood trilogy.

The ‘WHOSE LAND IS IT ANYWAY?‘ exposition – curated by Caithlin Courtney Chong – explores self-sufficiency, sustainability, de-colonialism, and tourism in relation to the future of the ABC-SSS islands. The exposition features work by Quiana Cronie, Nigel Maduro, Glodiie, and Natisha Engel.

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This event is a collaboration between MaMA and 6 ISLANDS zine, and centres members of SSSSABC communities. Spots are limited. If you can’t make it to the event, please send us and email to give your spot to someone else!

Sign up through this form! (entrance is free but sign up is required as spaces are limited)

Do let us know if we can help reimburse your travel and book purchasing expenses.

Whose Land is it Anyway?‘ deals with themes of self-sufficiency, sustainability, de-colonialism and tourism and the intersectionalities between them. Together with young artists from Aruba and Curacao, and the public, the exhibition investigates different means for becoming less dependent on tourism,and searches for other sources of self-sufficiency that can contribute to the future of the ABC-SSS islands. 

6 ISLANDS zine is an initiative born out of the need to talk about the position of the 6 islands — Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten – within the so-called “Kingdom of the Netherlands”. From an intersectional approach we explore the experiences of Afro descendants and Indigenous Peoples currently part of the ABCSSS Community. We uncover the impacts of the colonial legacy on the everyday to collectively re-imagine and construct a decolonial future together.

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