Under the title ' Artoonism in the Third Degree' Showroom MAMA presented the work of Luuk Bode, Cirque de Pepin, Hans van Bentem & DJ Chantelle.

The third exhibition in the series ‘Dutch Artoonists’. The Artoonists contruct their work from elements borrowed from underground comics, Japanese manga en mass media.’

The work of The Artoonists is shot through with satire. The seductive soap bubble of the advert is burst by humour and a confrtontational visual language. Classic evergreen are the no less loved themes of sex and religion although current subjects such as genetic engineering and artificial intelligence also come under scrutiny. This is evident, for example, of the portrait of a green figure in gigantic Nike shoes. The artist, Luuk Bode, portrays this mousey Hulk with pec’s and a gym-trained body. The progeny of Marvel and Disney genes in Nikes seems to suggest an invincible new holy force.

The Artoonists find the building blocks for their compositions in mass media, packaging, adverts and, naturally, cartoons; whether it be Disney or some obscure Manga is equally valid. To this fantastic elements that have their origins in science fiction and contemporary mythologies are added. ” People spend more time in front of their PC’s, video games or TV’s and then they go out on the streets. Thus the media becomes as important as the real time world around us. The Mario Bros. are as tangible as the green grocer on the corner,” according to The Artoonists.

When MAMA invited The Artoonists to exhibit together, it stipulated that they include new work for the show that would involve everyone making work together. In the tradition of the earlier Surrealists they folded a drawing paper into quarters and each one drew a section. The first drew a head, the second a torso, the third a lower body. Finally, after the the last Artoonist added the feet, the paper was unfolded and they saw what each other had drawn. So the so called “Cadavre Exquis” was born. A foolproof recipe for a series of bizarre drawings.

A selection of these drawings were used as the motif on the wallpaper against which the Artoonist’s work is exhibited.

The Artoonists were asked in November to create a monument in honour of Martiin Toonder, the Netherland’s most famous cartoonist/writer. The art work is a gift from the people of Rotterdam to the double talent of Toonder who was born in the city on the Maas. The unveiling will take place on 12 July 2002.


Curated by Jeroen Everaert with the contribution of Luuk Bode, Cirque de Pepin, Hans van Bentem & DJ Chantelle


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