OUR BELOVED PROGRAMME MAKER IS MISSING! Ten days before the closing of his show Various Exhibition Titles, Willem De Haan seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. We are calling all detectives of Rotterdam to help us find Willem’s whereabouts and figure out what happened to him!

A real life MAMA Mystery Game! Join us for an interactive game of real-life Cluedo. Take on the role of a detective and get to the bottom of this mysterious disappearance. Working together with other detectives you are challenged to put two and two together to solve a sinister riddle. Everyone is a suspect.. can you find the culprit before anybody else? Will you be the shining hero who safely returns Willem in time for his own finissage? Or will you end up being the bearer of terrible news?

All the participating detectives are asked to gather at 18:00 on the 15th of November in MAMA’s showroom. Here you will encounter Willem’s colleague Yahaira in distress, calling for your action. You will receive the exact details of the case and first hints which will lead you to find the suspects. During the game you will interview the different suspects, who are located on and around Witte de Withstraat, to solve the case.

Sign up for the game by emailing to irlmamamysterygame@gmail.com, including the name of your detective crew and the number of team members. In order to join you need a team of 2-6 people. Can’t find a team? We will help you find one!

P.S.: You might want to bring some cash, in case you need some to bribe someone. And detectives also get thirsty ;). ​

A MAMA Mystery Game is organised by Team MAMA’s own Yahaira Brito Morfe and part of the exhibition Various Exhibition Titles, which can be experienced at MAMA until the 24th of November. Every exhibition hosted by MAMA is accompanied by several In Real Life events, one of which is organised by Team MAMA talents.

About IRL

Our lives are dominated by the self-produced realities that we encounter on the internet and social media. This tension between fact and fiction touches upon the core of our leitmotiv IN REAL LIFE. The only way to escape the post-truth is to meet each other in real life. We facilitate these meetings in the form of readings, lectures, masterclasses, workshops, excursions and parties that tangibly express the ideas behind HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS.


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