Examining the seductive and dangerous aspects of mimicry

Smeared States was held at MAMA between 14 June and 11 August. In relation to this exhibition, Kari Robertson and Lila Athanasiadou (programme maker of Smeared States) are producing a two part podcast surrounding the alluring yet dangerous concept of mimicry.

Part 1 releases this month, in October. The first part of the podcast focuses on the alluring aspect of mimicry as seduction exploring deadly seductress spiders, Zeus’s deceitful trickery, Sirens’ captivating deadly lyrical call, the beguiling words of poets, pop music’s addictive lures and fan-fiction with a death drive.

Part 2 releases in December. The second part zooms into the psychological and pathological aspects of mimicry through a survey into disturbances in perception of space, postmodern urban disorientation, malls as spaces of consumption of identities and the entropic tendencies of pop music that echo nature’s inertia.

This page is a W.I.P. and will be updated accordingly.  Listen below to a preview of the podcast.


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