Tekst & podcast door Caetano Carvalho (BR, 1980) in het kader van de tentoonstelling Is There Any World to Come?


̶ “Chauvinists”
̶  “There won’t be a coup”

Dizzying voices swinging around my head from the above.

̶  “Dilma, chicken….”

She promptly replies:
̶ “So are you…”
̶ “Your mother…”
̶ “Shut up you patriarchal chauvinist”

Syncopated voices crying out the name of our first woman president a couple of hours before the impeachment. 

̶ “Diiiiilmaaaa…”
̶ “Diiiiiiiilmaaaa…”

Turn on the TV to see a nest of snakes, the parliament men celebrating corruption’s victory of every vote like and like a bunch of ten years old boys they make faces to the girls. Best reality show of the year. The demonstration goes on with no faces, the voices are coming from all the high buildings around. Back lit rectangular windows show silhouettes of men shouting misogyny, while women reply with cries for democracy.

Next door a group of people smashes pans together.

̶   DEMOCRACY, what do we mean with this principle? …

The democratic system has never been in its lowest level, although we have to recognize that for the largest part of the world population, democracy has never existed, even in the limited liberal sense of bourgeois democracy.  ̶   Silvia Federici introduces her talk…

̶  The feminist movement has been questioning democratic principles in its core. Women have to fight the normalizing control of their husbands.

Thora watches the buildings around, amazed as we all are, she looks at me and says “It is like a feminist urban opera”.

When I walk around the wrong corner a group of heavily gunned youngsters record my every next move, confused I look around and can’t figure out if I’m already in Brussels or still in Rio – the violence of automatic machine guns are filling up my bones. Independent of where I am now their silent stare shouts violence to my body.

Is democracy better here than there? 

This is not even an introduction to the series of conversations on democracy, gender, race, class, privilege, representation…we need to have.

Tekst & podcast door Caetano Carvalho (BR, 1980)

Alle opnames zijn gemaakt in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilië.

Caetano over de podcast:
Speciale dank aan Marssares en Luisa Marques voor het delen van hun opnames met mij, en aan Aurélia Defrance, Michelle Mattiuzzi en Cecilia Lisa Eliceche omdat ze mij probeerden te leren wat ik nog niet heb meegemaakt en waarschijnlijk nooit volledig kan begrijpen. De Silvia Frederici-lezing werd opgenomen tijdens haar seminar bij Escola CAPACETE.

Sommige achtergrondgeluiden werden opgenomen tijdens de “Futuros sequestrados x o Anti-sequestro dos sonhos”, georganiseerd door Fabiane M. Borges en Leandro Nerefuh.

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