What exactly is Feijenoord? And what can be considered part of the Feijenoord area?

Some weeks ago we send out an Open Call for the project On the Point, asking the young storytellers of Feijenoord to apply. The response to this open call was massive! We have selected a fantastic group of creative people who will jointly tell a visual story. It is up to the group what form this story takes; from exhibition to music video, from fashion show to graffiti piece, from film to performance. What is told and where is is up to them.

These young makers will take us on a visual journey through Feijenoord. They will show us the beauty, diversity, uniqueness and changes Feijenoord is going through. The project was kicked-off the 21st of February in T’ Klooster in the Afrikaanderwijk. Each of the group members brought with them an image they liked and got to know each other by sharing personal experiences. Immediately a discussion started: What exactly is Feijenoord? And what can be considered part of the Feijenoord area?

otp_voorkant-2Design for the open call © HOAX

We tried to answers these question in the form of a self drawn map, which was made by the group. Together we sought out the borders of Feijenoord and told each other about hidden gems; we asked ourselves what we would put in the Lonely Planet and what we would omit. The alluring power of Maashaven was discussed and we also analysed the downsides of the current sociale and urban changes.

These eight creative minds will submerge us in their world over the course of the next year. Together they will display the invisible and marginalised powers that are the driving force behind Feijenoord. We want to introduce them to you, because you will be hearing a lot more of them.

Portrait photos of the group were taken by the beautiful Tomas Mutsaers.

sarafina_bijgesneden-2-2Sarafina van Ast


Sarafina is a fine arts student, who focuses on performance arts. She lives in the south of Rotterdam and is mostly interested in the diversity that is present there. By participating within the project, she hopes that she can contribute to showing the raw beauty of the south; also the (societal) importance of this part of the city needs to be put on display more.


“Hi! My name is Rajshree Badal, I am 22 years old and at the moment I’m studying to become a teacher in social studies.

Rotterdam South is the place where my life started; born and raised in the neighborhood Feijenoord. Even though I replaced Rotterdam for Leeuwarden and Guadalajara for a few years, this is still the place that is home, no matter what. I like to see myself as someone who is open for all things new and unknown. And growing up in Feijenoord helped shaped this mentality. Being raised in Feijenoord neighborhood has made me learn about many different cultures, religions as well as the differences and similarities between us all.

With this project I hope to help contribute to a positive vibe surrounding Rotterdam South, because it deserves the good spotlight.”

rasjree_bijgesneden-2-2Rasjhree Badal
vera_bijgesneden-2-2Vera Cornel


Vera is a photographer located in Rotterdam. In her work she connects the lines between identity, threats from outside and the beauty of the tension between these two. Which, in her eyes, are also points that cross each other multiple times in the Feijenoord district. She hopes that district Feijenoord in 20 years is still as discussed and headstrong as now.


Nikki holds a master in Arts, Culture, and Society from Erasmus University of Rotterdam (2018) enhanced with work experience in the sector. Her main fields of interest is in Arts & Cultural Management and Research and she is particularly fond of digital/ media art and music. A social, organized and goal-oriented person, passionate and creative, a team player with a hands-on mentality, who loves the arts as well as to question everything; through the art of questioning one can broaden their horizons and enrich their knowledge. The ideals of the On the Point project are aligned with aforementioned perspectives and appeal to her. Feijenoord, just like the entire south part of Rotterdam, is a dynamic district with lots of potential for future developments which can aid in the creation of a distinctive cultural and artistic area.

nikki_bijgesneden-2Nikki Georgiou
yorbi_bijgesnedenYorbi Gutierrez


“I was born and raised in Charlois, Rotterdam-Zuid. I am currently graduating for Multimedia & Design at the Haagse Hogeschool. There I am trained to conceptualize and design for mainly digital media. In addition, I developed myself as a graphic designer and illustrator. I like to challenge myself to try to develop my creativity in new ways.

South is where my heart lies. And Feijenoord is certainly part of that. I have and know a lot of stories in Feijenoord, which has been so important in forming who I am today.  I see it as a duty to do something positive for the neighborhood.

Hopefully, in 20 years time, Feijenoord will be one of the hotspots that is constantly moving Rotterdam forward; whether through innovation, stories, experiences or dialogues. Feijenoord can flourish.”


Michantely was born and raised in the South of Rotterdam. She sees herself as a child of the South. Growing up in the South, she has experienced many changes in the neighborhood up close. In her view, she sees that social cohesion has changed in recent times. Communities live less with each other but more alongside each other. Since she has been involved with organising several events where social cohesion is an important starting point, she strives to bring her experience into the project.

michantely_bijgesneden-2-2Michantely de Jong
nazrina_bijgesneden-2-2Nazrina Rodjan


“I am an illustrator/artist/storyteller based in Rotterdam. Telling stories using visual art is my passion; my profession is creating the bridge that is often necessary between difficult subjects and the audience. I want to use my work to tell stories that often get overlooked or the ones I missed while growing up. I’m interested in the ways visual art can be used in activism and like to think of ways other art forms can enhance my visual work or the other way around. So I try to collaborate with artists who are doing something completely different than me whenever I get the chance.”


Nabil is a storyteller who expresses himself through spoken word and video. He captivates you with his stories and makes you feel like you are a part of it. His homeport is located near Rijnhaven. He likes to be inspired by the beauty of Feijenoord and hopes to be able to put his creative stamp on Rotterdam Zuid.

nabil_bijgesneden-2Nabil Tkhidousset

Darly Benneker wrote this story in collaboration with the group members of On the Point. The accompanying portrait photos photos were made by Tomas Mutsaers.


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