During the exhibition The Social Life Of Things the artist Brad Troemel introduces the visitor to the world of web art.


Brad Troemel researches how social systems can be used. In the exhibition a series of events, websites and objects are being shown. In the showroom curator Gerben Willers spoke with Brad Troemel about The Social Life Of Things and the influence of the internet.


Educational project

During the exhibition The Social Life Of Things various tours were given to school classes, in which a total of 300 students participated. The students discussed how they think about the internet as an open stage and what they themselves add to the World Wide Web.

The tours were continued by a workshop. During this workshop they made a piece of internet art themselves. They did this with the help of the well-known website Youtube. In the form of a chain reaction, the students made a film in collaboration with students of the second year. With existing videos on Youtube they have assembled a scene that will included in the final result. During the tour and workshop the following statement by Brad Troemel was central:

‘Getting people to think about the internet as an active, explosive place. …That the internet is not television. That they can participate in the creation of images and social space, and everything else. That they’re performers, they’re not viewers.’

Linked exhibition:
The Social Life of Things

Cultuurtraject 2011

Supervision by Margriet Brouwer and curator Gerben Willers

In collaboration with:
Worm en SKVR

Emine Yalcinkaya


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