The time has come - the publication 'Reclaiming the Street' will be launched!

A publication to accompany the reclaiming the street competition, which is part of the multimedia project Endless City, initiated by MAMA in 2010.

Reclaiming the Street documents an international ‘call for ideas’, encouraging the design or adaptation of an urban space to be used by both skateboarders and the general public. As part of Endless City, a long-term project of MAMA, the competition furthers the investigation of the relationship between skateboard culture, public space and art. This lavishly illustrated book contains all of the nominees, the ‘people’s choice’ selection and the winning design, Twist and Shout by Romi Kohsla, a Design Studio in New Delhi. A text by architectural historian Ian Borden reflects the playful principles of the competition and how skateboarding can transform the urban environment into a concrete playground. And Jocko Weyland, noted American skateboarder and author, traces the rise of skateboard culture in the eighties.


We will be organising a book launch to celebrate the result of Reclaiming the Street. The launch will take place on October 13 in MAMA, starting at 17:00. See you there!

Have a look on Post Editions for more information and to buy the publication.


Linked exhibition:
Reclaiming the Street

Project manager:
Kim Bouvy

Clint van der Hartt

Petra Valdimarsdottir

Ariadne Urlus, Clint van der Hartt, Jocko Weyland, Iain Borden

Cover Image:
Louisa Menke, Skater and Soldier Darwin, 2009

Koen Tasselaar  & Louisa Menke

Jason Coburn
Auke van den Berg, Bookmakers

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This publication has been made possible with the support of the Netherlands Architecture Fund
A next place of Reclaiming the Street is supported by Foundation Doen.


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