The word spaces does not only refer to the physical dimension such as the geographical borders set by nations, but also refers to a certain sociality in which individuals navigate from personal to interpersonal realms. This exhibition displays creative ways to broaden your liminal space to excess more mobility, more freedom of expression.

Liminal Spaces exhibits three projects: Carpet Codes by Elnaz Assar, beginnings without endings by Golshan and My watan is not a burning house, it is my bibi’s home by Yusser al Obaidi.

Elnaz Assar and Golshan carefully crafted messages on familiar objects (such as the carpet and the flag), transforming these objects into props of activism. When authorities use their power to control your voice, fighting for a space where you can express injustices inflicted on you or your community, often comes at great personal risks. Their projects demonstrate how individuals in certain restrictions can find creative outlets to mediate personal distress and address political injustices. They urge that violation of human right issues should not be a matter discussed within a national border, but beyond international platforms.

Yusser al Obaidi’s grandmother, her bibi, takes you through her own journey of crossing borders. This conversation between Yusser Salih and her bibi also illustrates how political repression affects both geographical and social spaces.

With this exhibition, we hope to create in-between spaces where you can feel safe and heard, when in times of conflict that seems impossible. How are you contained in your liminal spaces, what social, political or economic inequalities are you facing and what creative practices can you seek to extend or even erase these borders?

Curator: Elnaz Assar
Participants: Elnaz Assar, Golshan and Yusser al Obaidi
Written by: Faye Cheng

Wednesday–Sunday: 14.00–19.00
Friday: 14.00–21.00

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