Revolution is a process is published on the occasion of the project (I Can) Feel the Pulse, which consisted of a number of events that related to the eponymous exhibition in MAMA.

The central focus of this project is the exploration of the crossovers between hip-hop and art. The black emancipation movement in the US that formed the bedrock of hip-hop had served as a source of inspiration. The publication is the result of a unique collaboration between MAMA, O.O.N.A., Mesh Print Club and the participants of the Emory Douglas master class. Revolution is a process is published in an edition of hundred, of which fifteen are special editions with a luxury cover design.

All events of the (I Can) Feel the Pulse project come together in this publication, which includes documentation of the exhibition, of the debate and the master class. The design and its production are based on the techniques utilized by Emory Douglas in the graphic design of the Black Panther Party’s print-matters. The publication is made in a combination of techniques: stencil print, silk-screen prints and full color prints. Revolution is a process also contains two removable silk-screened and numbered posters, designed by Patrick McCurdy and Kiki Peeters and co-created with Ose Cornelisse.

Revolution is a process is available for €10,- and the special edition for €20,-. Points of sale are Showroom MAMA, Kunstplatform de Kapsalon, PrintRoom or Bookcase. To order the publication, please send an email to


Release date:
November 20, 2010

With contributions by:
Ariadne Urlus, Charlie Dronkers, Patrick McCurdy, Katayoun Arian, Kiki Peeters & Ose Cornelisse

Editor: Margriet Brouwer





Mesh Print Club

Thanks to:
Abner Preis, Amira Gad, Emory Douglas, Hasna El Maroudi, HipHopHuis, Jefferson Pinder, Lloyd Marengo, Mesh Print Club, Kunstplatform De Kapsalon, YourSpace.

ISBN: 978-90-816473-1-1


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