"Fandom isn't just a neutral subculture anymore, it's becoming a bit political."

Being a succesull part of modern (pop)culture demands an ever growing savyness, both of a technological nature and creative nature.

Nicolle Lamerichs does research into the cosplay community and the selfmade and professional costumes that are inspired by their favourite character and personalities. Communication and represenation within the cosplay-world is not passive and detached, but leans on the particapatory power of its lovers. Fan literally become the characters they love and let themselves by inspired by the physical, emotional and personal. Nicole introduces us to the wonderful world of creation, hasion, game and critical reflection. Cosplayers are deeply rooted in virtual, fictional and everyday shapes of reality. Nicolle asks herself the question: how do cosplayers influence the borders between fiction and reality?

Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs is a senior lecturer and team leader in Creative Business at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. She holds a PhD in Media Studies from Maastricht University. Her thesis, Productive Fandom (2014), is about participatory culture and new media, specifically popular culture, storytelling, and playing.

This lecture was given as part of the project Character Building on September 28, 2018.


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