This coming week our showroom will feature Lunula – Uña I Kultura by Sandra Zegarra Patow. The exhibition starts in the windows, and continues inside: among the installations of Giovanni Maisto Ferreira Touch Me, To See Us.

Lunula: ‘’The lunula is the distinct portion of the distal nail matrix that extends beyond the proximal nail-fold. It is white, half-moon-shaped, appears by week 14 of gestation, and has unique histologic features. The lunula has a primary structural role in defining the free edge of the distal nail plate.’’

Definition: Uña I Kultura.These two words is out of the language Papiamentu from the island Willemstad/Curaçao. Uña I Kultura means: Nails and Culture

Lunula is an ongoing documentary where the first photo series have been captured in Willemstad/Curaçao. Nails are one the highest forms of self-expression, hence highlighting the nail culture through the LGBTQ+ community and the understanding of gender fluidity.

The project occurs at a historic moment for the LGBTQ+ community: The current ban on same-sex marriage has been a topic of discussion on the island for some time now. As aforementioned, the story unfolded with a deeper sense of meaning and social activism by supporting and contributing to the queer community.

The Minced Milk team had the honor and opportunity to take a deep dive into the cultural traditions of several communities and echelons on the island. The aim of Lunula is to exhibit individuals in specific social environments, furthermore the island’s culture, local businesses and talents.

I am Sandra Zegarra Patow, a Peruvian artist graduated from IMD (Interactive Media Design) at
the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. I have a deep connection with my Peruvian roots and I
create images that lay at the intersection of harmony and odd. Through distorted bodies, dreamy
patterns, and by using nature`s color pallete, my artworks invite the viewers to catch a glimpse of
my mind.

I was born in Lima, Peru in 1987 and at the age of six, I moved with my parents and my four-year-
old little brother to Rotterdam. I grew up and spent most of my life in The Netherlands. I remember I would spend my free time dancing, recording stories, and making songs with my younger brother. Straight after school, I would go home to watch my ‘telenovellas’ (television genre originating in South America– one of the few possibilities to be connected with my roots.

At the age of 16, I went to the Hofplein Theatre to learn acting, dancing, and singing to become an
actress. At that time I got a camera from my mother as a present. From that moment, I felt more
drawn to photography than to theatre school.

Quickly I realized that I wanted to do this on a professional level. I went then to study at the
Graphic Design Academy where I was allowed to skip a class due to my progress.. After I
completed my studies at IMD I went to work for a brief time at the Eye Museum in Amsterdam for a couple of VR reality exhibitions. Meanwhile, I continued working on my photography projects.


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