‘Anything not saved will be lost’ is an interactive treasure hunt that moves from the MaMA showroom space into the real world of Witte de Withstraat. An online manual can be found within the showroom, providing visual representations of each object that is hidden within the vicinity of the space. The primary goal for each participant is to find a single item, with hints and clues available on the online guide. The images and videos on the online manual, created using photogrammetry, give a sense of ‘deteriorating memory’ and a need to digitally document these objects before they disappear.

Each object that was chosen for this treasure hunt is made from ceramic stoneware clay, representing common household items discarded in Rotterdam’s streets that await for a new owner. Once the participant locates their item, it becomes their possession, and they are free to take it home.

If you would like to participate in this event, please email communicatie@thisismama.nl before the 13th of October. The event has a capacity for 6 participants, if you sign up and can’t make the event, please let us know before the 18th of October. 

Martina Farrugia (1998) is a designer based between Malta and the Netherlands. She has a background in art history, archaeology and digital art. Her current work tackles the importance of narrative, acts of collecting, archiving and reconstructive memory.

Over IRL

Ons leven wordt gedomineerd door de zelfgeproduceerde werkelijkheden die we tegenkomen op het internet en social media. Deze spanning tussen feit en fictie raakt de kern van het leidmotief IN REAL LIFE. De enige manier om aan de post-truth te ontsnappen is elkaar in het echt (IN REAL LIFE) te ontmoeten. Dat doen we onder meer in de vorm van lezingen, masterclasses, workshops, excursies en feesten die uiting geven aan de ideeën achter HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS.


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