Last month we kicked-off Character Building, an interactive and dynamic exhibition focused on fan culture. In collaboration with an editorial staff of cosplay professionals, amateur connoisseurs, artists, and enthusiasts, MAMA investigates the artistic and social power of the cosplay phenomenon. The audience can follow how four cosplayers bring their characters and costumes to the ‘next level’. A rich selection of fan art gives an impression of the many interpretations of the characters, and a work table gives visitors a chance to familiarise themselves with the art of cosplay through props, fan art, and fan fiction. Over two months, visitors can contribute to the progress of the exhibition, whereby the cosplayer’s creative expressions increasingly blend with those of the public.

Become part of the project and discover, in a unique way, the concept of cosplay and the intriguing world of fan culture. There is a programme of events accompanying the permanent exhibition at MAMA’s showroom, including lectures on the participatory power of cosplayers and body positivity, a DIY photo shoot, workshops on Gore & Special Effects and Lo-Fi Cosplay, Fan Fiction writing sessions, and an Open Mic evening. The exhibition runs until 9 December, so be sure to dropy by!

For the complete programme click here.

Big thanks to cosplayers Lucid BelleIska CosplaySilas Jigai (Silas the Viirus) and Elfmist.

Also many thanks to our editorial members Esmeralda HoffHarmen MeinsmaNicolle Lamerichs, Daryl Grootfaam and Yahaira Brito Morfe.

And of course thanks to the fantastic Marloes de Vries, Laura Deschepper and Frederic Vandevelde for realizing this project.

This video was shot and edited by Ciska Mei and is part of the project Character Building.


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