Hello dearest reader,

How are you doing?

First of all, we want to wish everyone strength for the uncertain times we are all facing. There are many challenges ahead: the impact of physical isolation on mental health; and, of course, the possible disruptive effects of a looming economic crisis on society. Perhaps it eases the pain to know: you are not alone.

We want to inform you of the measures MAMA is taking and what we can do for you in the coming weeks.

Our current situation is as follows:
– The showroom is closed until further notice; meaning the Climate Knowledges exhibition is closed until at least 6 April.
– Our office is closed; we are working from home and are best contacted by email.
– Preparations for future projects continue wherever possible.

Together with programme maker Angela Chan – initiator and organiser of the online curatorial project WORM: Art + Ecology – we have only just opened the exhibition Climate Knowledges. In this exhibition, Angela addresses knowledge not sufficiently represented in the climate change debate: namely, non-Western perspectives informed by lived and embodied experiences.

We remain committed to this project. Especially now, because, as the Corona crisis overwhelms us, it appears the West is once again assuming a position of superiority.

We made an online version of Climate Knowledges available online and will be using our platform www.thisismama.nl to present in-depth content. Check the website regularly or follow us on social media to stay informed.

MAMA is a relatively small organisation, and in the coming weeks, we’ll use our creativity to positively contribute – despite all the limitations –  to the new reality in which we live. Here’s what we’ll be doing in the near future:

– MAMA is a meeting place. We shall continue being one online. We are committed to organising accessible online meetings, from collective film sessions to live streaming performances. If you have a good idea for this, please let us know.
– Wherever possible, we shall involve Team MAMA in all of the above. We were a team before the current challenges, and our team spirit shall remain throughout the entire crisis. One love.

Do you have any questions about the above? Would you like to contribute to MAMA’s temporary transformation into an online community? Or do you simply want to air your concerns? If so, then please do not hesitate to contact us by email. We too could do with a distraction!

Continue following the RIVM guidelines, take care of yourself, and hopefully, we’ll see each other again soon IRL.

Beautiful photo taken by Tomas Mutsaers during the opening of Climate Knowledges.



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