The Worlds between Words exhibition was inspired as an effort to look at different tools we can use for storytelling, how they are inspired or influence by culture and heritage, and examining the different expressive and gestural mediums of language. When the exhibition opened we were within periods of isolation amidst the corona pandemic and with little certainty of them ending. So,
we made an effort during the exhibition to keep our program as present as we could with IRL moments and for viewers that were at home, outside the city and now in post-pandemic rehabilitation, we’ve created a video tour for you, Labyrinths Between Lockdowns. A way to walk through the exhibition and get an intimate look at the works of Ada M. Patterson, Cihad Caner, Gilang Anom M. M. and Tarona. Now you can visit the showroom from the lens of a camera and intertwined with music by Beallmighty, interviews with the artists and storytelling.

Alongside this video, we created a program of live acts and a workshop in collaboration with five performance artists during the show. Within this program, these five artists took to performance and find ways to communication outside of words by using and the street, the windows, a surveillance camera and all the while with the restrictions that came with he 1.5 meter rule for social distancing.


Open gallery
Darryl Grootfam - “opening night”

Ratri Notosudirdjo (b. Jakarta 1994) is a performance and installation artist based in Rotterdam. Her research and practice engage in de- and postcolonial theory, centering on historic and contemporary mechanisms of cultural and spiritual identity while departing from Asian-diaspora. Her work aspires to express softness and suppleness through ritual, language, and the process of meaning-making. In her most recent works, she uses means of collaborative workshopping to build imagined and interactive landscapes with performative objects.

Worlds between Words took place at MAMA between 19 November 2021 and 16 January 2022. The show was curated by Ratri Notosudirdjo together with participating artists Ada M. Patterson, Cihad Caner, Gilang Anom M. M. and Tarona. The show also involved Roxette Capriles as scenographer and Noémi Biró as graphic designer.



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