Seven Days of Happening, a ‘live art – performance – food – party – music and art festival,’

From 12 September until 21 September 2014, Showroom MAMA presents Seven Days of Happening, a ‘live art – performance – food – party – music and art festival,’ organised by MAMA’s Rookie MA (RMA).


12 September 2014
21:00 – 23:00 uur

Seven Days of Happening begins with a Charity Supper, a private event for a selection of tastemakers from Rotterdam’s arts and culture sector. With (performance) artists and food artists, RMA comments on the perceived gap between the ‘art elite’ and the ‘masses’. Charity Supper takes place during the opening of the De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier festival. Thus, the RMA makes full use of the mass audience, and, with the Charity Supper, adds a critical element of content. Charity Supper is realised in collaboration with Cateringa & Kompanen.

13 September 2014
12:00 – 23:00 uur
For €1.00, festival visitors can do their business in the showroom, thereby reversing the public and private domain and responding to the festival’s image as a drinking party. Urinals and toilets are positioned so that the showroom’s window functions as a diorama. Male and female toilet assistants provide ritual hand washing: an experience of fresh scents and music.

14 September 2014
12:00 – 18:00
Discover your childlike creativity. Artist Toine Klaassen (NL, 1973) organises an afternoon game in which the adult visitor can be a child
again. With minimalist objects and ritualistic performances, Klaassen knows how to inspire children’s imaginations, and get big people thinking too.

17 September 2014
13:00 – 15:00
Lunch Beat not only literally breaks the week in two, it’s the social event not be missed. Showroom MAMA will be transformed into a dance palace, where, for a small fee, the public is provided lunch prepared by Soup de Joer. Dance, dance, dance with Kesia Smit, Monsieur le Vurrr, Kwame and MC Krentenkoning. Don’t talk about work! Everyone’s your dancing partner here.

19 September 2014
19:00 – 22:00
Room 29-31 is a non-stop, three-hour live art and performance show. Featuring young national and international artists: Nina Glockner (DE,
1982), Pedro Matias (PT, 1984), Lilia Scheerder (NL, 1986), Dennis van Vreden (NL, 1987), Tessa Laurentia van der Meeren (NL, 1990), Leendert V (NL, 1989), and Vincent Riebeek (NL, 1988).

20 September 2014
13:00 – 20:00
MAMA’s Art Store is a showcase for young talent who graduated in the past year from academies in the Netherlands. Get to know the latest batch of artists and purchase work at an early stage of their careers. With work by, among others, Amber Rep (NL, 1989), Anna Boone (NL, 1990), Carl Schröder (DE, 1983), Carly David (NL, 1992), Janneke Kors (NL, 1990), and Thomas Brouwer (NL, 1988).

21 september 2014
13:00 – 20:00
Electric Chapel is a seven-hour live art event that fully exploits the ritualistic aspect of performance art and the sublime content of art. RMA artists Jaleel-Roy Lindsey (1983, SR) and Rory van Wingerden (NL, 1988) work together with Vincent Riebeek (NL, 1988) and Claudio Ritfeld (SR, 1986). Experience the work with deep concentration and
become part of the ‘Rite of Passage’.


Seven Days of Happening is dedicated daily happenings by young designers, artists, performers, and musicians. Everyday, the public is involved and often plays a decisive role. Each day centres round a different emotion and experience, whereby the showroom becomes the  meeting point.

The first three happenings of Seven Days of Happening take place during De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier (12, 13, 14 Sept.). The RMA will capitalise on the mass of attending public – adding a critique of the festival’s spectacular character, while simultaneously flirting with it. Rookies MA is one of MAMA’s study pathways for young art professionals and artists. Rookies are the many volunteers who learn and work at MAMA. Rookies MA is an in-depth course taking place every two years. The program lasts for a year and, under the supervision of staff and external mentors, gives participants the opportunity to develop their own art project, supplemented by excursions and workshops with external professionals. It offers Rookies the perfect situation to experience the practice of a cultural institution and to conceptualise and develop a personal project. RMA works free and independently, and in close collaboration with its mentors: Tanja Elstgeest (Productiehuis Rotterdam), Gyz la Rivière (artist), Willemijn van Drunen (Press & Publicity, including the Mauritshuis in The Hague), and Karina van Bezooijen (Director KOP Breda). MAMA is ultimately responsible for the entire course. Experts are occasionally affiliated with the course, depending on research needs and subjects.

RMA was supported in the production and implementation of Seven Days of Happening by MAMA’s Rookies, including: Rishi Badal (Rotterdam, 1986), Athena Gronti (Athens, 1992), Eva Nobbe (Utrecht, 1990), Niki Palmen (Maastricht, 1990), Brigitte Jansen (Zoetermeer,
1991), and Yos Purwanto (Rotterdam, 1990).

Curated by Jaleel-Roy Lindsey, Lauren Brand en Rory van Wingerden with the contribution of Amber Rep (NL, 1989), Anna Boone (NL, 1990), Anne Marijn Voorhorst (NL, 1992), Carl Schröder (DE, 1983), Carly David (NL, 1992), Charlotte Tasma (NL, 1989), Floor von Dülmen Krumpelmann (1991, NL), Janneke Kors (NL, 1990), Luuk Kuipers (NL, 1992), Norbert Lieftink (NL, 1991), Prins de Vos (NL, 1991), Roos Meerman (NL, 1991), Thomas Brouwer (NL, 1988) & Yoni van Oorsouw (NL, 1990), Claudio Ritfeld (SR, 1986), Kesia Smit, Monsieur le Vurrr, Kwame and MC Krentenkoning, Toine Klaassen (NL, 1973), Nina Glockner (DE, 1982), Angelo Gens (PT, 1983) & Pedro Matias (PT, 1984), Lilia Scheerder (NL, 1986), Dennis van Vreden (NL, 1987), Tessa Laurentia van der Meeren (NL, 1990), LOLO is a Boy (NL, 1989), Vincent Riebeek (NL, 1988), Cateringa & Kompanen

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