Holding me, it was warm in the area of her chest. I couldn’t breath, the water was flowing all over my body. I couldn’t move, depending on her touch. 

At unexpected moments an image from the past can surface, touched by events from the present: a subjective narrative, in which your own embodied archive presents itself unexpectedly. 

Chiara Gemma Fedon, Stefania Macchiafava and Lore Pilzecker, three Team MaMA members, through their artistic projects, intervene in Giovanni’s Touch Me, to See Us, adding their own layer of interpretation. Connected by a map in space, these interventions evoke a spark from the past, allowing the visitors to immerse themselves in their own archives.

Lore Pilzecker (she/her)

Lore Pilzecker is a visual artist (studied Fine Arts in ArtEZ Arnhem and first year Artistic Research in University of Amsterdam) who works with the subject of monuments, as for example hydrofeministic fountains reproduced out of her own breast. 


Instagram: @pilzeckerlore 


Chiara Fedon 

Chiara Gemma Fedon is a Swiss artist who holds a Bachelor degree in Animation and Film with experience in design modelling, illustration, photography and animation. During the years she exhibited two short animated films, joined some online art challenges and published a textile design. 

Instagram: @gemma_fedon 

Stefania Macchiafava 

Stefania graduated in the BA programme of Cross-Cultural Communication at the University of Turin. She worked for some years as a youth worker, while recently she approached the artistic and cultural sector. She is passionate about dance and performative arts, and she dabbles in writing. 

Instagram: @_stefimc_ 


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