We proudly present the premiere screening of the first ever documentary about MAMA on Friday 2 July. Come and experience this audiovisual splendor in the lovely open air cinema of Weelde!

Tickets are available here for €3: tiny.cc/mamafilm

MAMA: The Dysfunctional Family tells the intimate story of one of Rotterdam’s most idiosyncratic creative communities. The documentary film, directed by Ciska Meister, is a journey through time and examines how the meaning of MAMA for the city of Rotterdam has changed over the past 23 years. From 2021, those involved look back and forward in time, and through their candid stories it becomes clear that MAMA is more than just a physical space. It is a family feeling, a philosophy of life, a universe in itself.

20:30 Walk-in
21:30 Q&A Talk with Ciska Meister
22:00 Movie
22:30 DJ’s & drinks (Line up TBA)
00:00 End of event

Address Weelde: Marconistraat 37, 3029 AG Rotterdam

Keep in mind the current Covid-19 measures during your visit to MAMA: keep social distance, disinfect your hands and stay home if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.

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