Lucid Belle

‘As a kid, I have always been a creative busy bee. I loved to paint, draw, act, sing, dance and make music. But due to illness and having to focus on school and my studies I had to quit with my creative outlets for a long time. Four years ago I got into the costuming/cosplaying hobby and have been obsessed ever since. Being able to create something from scratch really amplified my passion and love for art in all kinds of forms. After my contribution to Character Building I decided to do more with art in my life. Being part of Team MAMA gives me the opportunity to explore these artistic ambitions!

As for animals I don’t really have one favorite species, but I’m really into cats. Cats are cute, funny, weird, and make the best meme material. My zodiac sign is Leo, so… Yes. Cats. In seven years and four months I will be running my own artsy business in the land of koala’s and kangaroos. With seven cats. Living my best life. And otherwise only the cats will do.

You can support my art directly on Patreon.’



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