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MaMA is a platform for visual culture and emerging talent, both digitally and in our showroom at Witte de Withstraat 29-31 in Rotterdam. Since its establishment in 1997, MaMA has been committed to emerging makers and specifically advocates for the visibility of youth culture. Talent development is central at MaMA, bridging the gap between education and the professional field. Want to be part of our mission? You can!

By contributing, you support the growth and development of the newest generation of creators. 

There are several ways to contribute. Firstly, by becoming a regular visitor and staying engaged with us. To have a greater impact, you can also support us through donations. You can make one-time, monthly, or annual donations via this link or by scanning the QR code. You can also make a donation directly to:

NL66 TRIO 0338 6641 65, payable to Stichting Media and Moving Art.

Every contribution is welcome, and every bit helps! Will you join us?


MaMA has an ANBI status, which means you can deduct your donation from your taxes. Learn more about it here.

Did you know that you can include MaMA in your will? Leaving a legacy to MaMA is indeed possible! We are part of the “Ik was Hier 010” initiative, where you can find more information about leaving a legacy to culture. If you are considering this, know that your future legacy will make a sustainable difference for the many generations of young creators we will welcome, support, and provide a platform for at MaMA.

If you have other ideas or wishes to support us, please let us know! We are open to discussions.

For all your questions about leaving a legacy to MaMA, donating, or making other investments in MaMA, you can contact Nadine Rooij, our PR & Development employee, from Monday to Thursday at / 010 233 2022.


“It is not only the makers we work with on projects who learn at MaMA… Thanks to MaMA’s approach, all those involved, from board members to volunteers, have the opportunity to develop. I started in 2020 as a Fundraising Trainee because of my desire to support makers as a facilitator. I now have a permanent position and guide people in shaping their project plans.” – Nadine Rooij (staff member)

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