Oops…because we are enthusiastically working on everything around and about MaMA related, we almost forgot to share some very nice news with you.

She has been involved with MaMAsince September 2022 and has now swapped her temporary appointment for a permanent position as MaMA’s director– Welcome to the team Judy Rambags!

Working in Rotterdam for over more than five years now, she is a big fan of the no-bullshit-but-brush mentality and the ‘no unknown name’ in the art – design sector.hat’s Judy Rambags in a nutshell. The more elaborate version (But still not too long. Judy is not into that.) goes like this: With her gallery she was part of several art and design projects at home and abroad. She followed these activites with her own consulting firm for seven years helping artists to make a move toward professionalization. Educated as a maker (ArtEZ), she knows better than anyone how big the gap is between art school and the professional field. Judy likes to share her own experience,while at the same time wanting to remain inspired by the newest generation of makers. Where better to do this than at MaMA? 

“I am happy to build on the substantive vision of my predecessors and their team. They have ensured that MaMA is a home base for the young maker who moves within visual arts and pop culture, a place where they can make their voices heard on urgent and pressing issues in our society. To me, friction creates new opportunities for long-established structures within the cultural sector. It is great to work with this new generation of creators to explore what has not yet been (sufficiently) explored and to introduce them into existing paths. MaMA is a learning organization, and MaMA continues to question itself. I look forward to being inspired!” – Judy Rambags


Picture by Eric Fencken

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