Cassandra Langenskiold

“Hi, my name is Cassandra and I’m originally from Finland! I moved to Rotterdam 3 years ago to get my bachelor’s degree and decided to stay in the Netherlands to pursue a master’s in museum studies at Leiden University. I like looking at art, reading and writing about art, and talking about art, and my favorite type of art is usually interactive installation art.

I joined MAMA because I like how they focus on young creators and young talent, something that I think is really important in the art scene. I also love sense of community that MAMA fosters amongst its team and collaborators. That’s also one of the reasons I like Rotterdam: it’s full of opportunity.

My favorite animals are dogs, because dogs are man’s best friend (and because I have one myself, so I’m a bit biased). If you ever go on a walk with me, prepare to stop and pet every dog we walk past!”


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