"Bio is the new digital"

Last month Gari Koolen (MAMA’s editor-in-chief) and Levin Stein (Team MAMA) travelled to Gogbot – the annual festival showcasing avantgarde multimedia art, music and technology – on a quest to scout new talent and find upcoming artist and Team MAMA member Louisa Teichmann. Gari and Levin documented their visit in a podcast. What started as a simple journey turned into an associative and kaleidoscopic trip through a futuristic art exhibition. Spacey, baby.

Blood, robots and Gogbot’s director Kees de Groot were involved in the making of this recording.

Audio edited by the wonderful Marte Bosma


Works mentioned (in order):
Metropolis by Jelle de Graaf
Chick N’ A
Out of Control
Ultimate Dragon by Louisa Teichmann
Untitled by Zjuul Wiersema
Quantified Body Composition N0.2 by Jacco Borggreve
Grinders by Hannes Wiedemann
Until I Die by Dmitry Morozov
Transfigurations by Agi Haines


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