"Bio is the new digital"

Last month Gari Koolen (MAMA’s editor-in-chief) and Levin Stein (Team MAMA) travelled to Gogbot – the annual festival showcasing avantgarde multimedia art, music and technology – on a quest to scout new talent and find upcoming artist and Team MAMA member Louisa Teichmann. Gari and Levin documented their visit in a podcast. What started as a simple journey turned into an associative and kaleidoscopic trip through a futuristic art exhibition. Spacey, baby.

Blood, robots and Gogbot’s director Kees de Groot were involved in the making of this recording.

Audio edited by the wonderful Marte Bosma


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Works mentioned (in order):
Metropolis by Jelle de Graaf
Chick N’ A
Out of Control
Ultimate Dragon by Louisa Teichmann
Untitled by Zjuul Wiersema
Quantified Body Composition N0.2 by Jacco Borggreve
Grinders by Hannes Wiedemann
Until I Die by Dmitry Morozov
Transfigurations by Agi Haines