Xiang Yu Yeung

Xiang Yu Yeung (1992) is a multi-hyphenate visual artist, writer and curator.
Through a multidisciplinary approach converging film, photography, writing, illustration and performance art she touches upon themes of identity, migration, intersectional feminism, witchcraft and oneiric surrealism. Xiang completed her BA in Arts and Cultural Studies at Erasmus University, and went on to specialize in a MA Media and Film Studies at Leiden University. She is fascinated by a wide range of ever expanding topics from crypto-art to astrology and Princess Mononoke is her childhood hero. Above all she is a storyteller at heart. She lives to tell stories. Having grown up in the fertile crossroad in-between cultures, she is forever concerned with bridging the gap in-between people, cultures, ideas, media forms.

Xiang is MAMA’s Editor-in-Chief.
“My deeply rooted passion for storytelling brings me to my role as MAMA’s resident storyteller.
In my view, MAMA is first of all a community composed of a kaleidoscopic, multi-faceted plurality of human experiences. Ever evolving, ever growing. And thus, my core mission at MAMA is to constantly consider the following: how can MAMA be a safe space, a container, a platform for this beautiful plurality of voices, talents, dreams, lived experiences and perspectives to be seen, heard, nurtured, expressed and celebrated? As MAMA’s storyteller, I can only say that MAMA’s story is not just mine to tell, I’m just here, weaving the tapestry of MAMA’s myth alongside you all, here to provide needle and thread.”



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