Noemi Biro

“I make combinations. Combining the love that I have for nature from growing up in Romania with living in Rotterdam. Combining digital media with my bachelor in Graphic Design. Combining my cooking skills with events and communities. Neon lights and reflections, walks and deliberate breaths. Thinking by writing, writing to visualize, visualize to experience. Art is one of the means by which I am able to get away with some of my combinations, but it`s also a way to get to know the weird and wonderful combinations other people make. MAMA plays a role in offering possibilities, perspectives, fun and community where cooking up something new is encouraged and tasted. Made me think of an anteater, selecting the small individual ants with persistence and commitment, with the metaphorical similarities probably ending here. In seven years and four months, August is ending… I am thinking of all the warm sun that I absorbed, all the new memories that I gained, the smile of the people around me and I`m on my way to the top of the tree again to stir some sun rays into my morning tea.”