Mary Ponomareva

Mary Ponomareva is a visual artist, multidisciplinary designer and researcher based in Amsterdam.

In her works, she uses graphic design, virtual reality, CGI and 3D modeling as a tool to envision and questions possible futures. She speculates and envisions grotesque realities in order to reflect on future societal and ethical implications of currently emerging technologies.

She critically investigates the role of graphic design in what she calls ‘Dark Aesthetics’. Implying the influence of corporate imagery in the construction of dubious ideologies and their normalization by way of their aesthetics.

In VR installations, texts and videos she ‘builds’ dystopian narratives where science fiction, corporate imagery and simulations are combined to question the incompatible characteristics of the current capitalist system.

She completed her MA at the Sandberg Institute Design Department, obtained BA in Graphic Design at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and studied Visual and Applied Art at the Moscow University of Design and Technology. Her work was showcased at 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, TECART ’18, Corridor Project Space, Gogbot’18, IMPAKT festival 2018, Rotterdamse Schouwburg’s Club Imagine.