Maria Mombers

“My favourite animal is my pet and muse, my jack russel Puckie. Unfortunately I couldn’t take her with me when I went to study illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Luckily I’ve found a new great love: Rotterdam. Everybody is free and does whatever he or she wants to. I’ve joined MAMA because I want to look deeper into Rotterdam’s art-scene and meet new people. I would also like to organise events, while learning about new media.

I’m most interested in art that just come into being out of random things on the street or the internet. Art that brings the question whether it is truly art. I am convinced that art doesn’t happen between the walls of a museum or a gallery.

Where do I see myself in 7 years? No idea, because I want way too many things; but I guess somewhere between an illustrator, graphic designer, curator, bartender, pop-star, female dragqueen, meme-expert, nightclub owner. And if that fails, I can do a pretty good robot impression.”