Laura Deschepper

Laura is an art worker who focuses on business coordination, production and development. Within and without these roles, she is drawn to critical narratives that question status quo atmospheres. Her personal arts legitimisation finds itself in a socio political context: questioning power structures, establishment, heteronormativity and body politics. Laura works on interventions – related to these topics – in specific cultural fields and generates exchange. Besides operating as art worker, she’s a queer activist that zooms in on connecting and supporting fellow community members. What does it mean ‘caring for each other’? Laura doesn’t envision a queer community where conformity in voices and bodies are pursued, but rather she seeks a radical and non fixed space in which members can transcend normativity without dysphoria.

As she is currently astral projecting between Brussels and Rotterdam, between structures and non formalised initiatives, Laura meditates on the concept of fair practice in the arts on a wider scope. In 2016 she started coordinating the business administration of Bâtard festival. Not long after that Laura’s current base position came along: Key Master at SPIN. After moving to Rotterdam partially, she became part of the Queer Rotterdam community. Together with fellow navigators they are working towards a local platform to support and connect members and facilitate the production of actions.

Before working in the Brussels arts field Laura worked with several cultural organisations from Antwerp: The Ministry of Operatic Affairs, Studio Bernadette, Stieglitz 19, Octopus Choir, and SKaGeN.

Laura has a Masters degree in Theater and Film sciences (University of Antwerp) followed by a Master in Applied Economic Sciences, Arts Management (University of Antwerp). In these education programs she wrote papers and dissertations on: hysteria, women in film, policy making in the arts, artistic leadership, and digital conversion in WACCO cultural centres.

For MAMA Laura worked on Character Building.