About MaMA

MaMA is a platform for visual culture and young talent – a gateway for young makers at the cutting edge of contemporary art and popular culture. MAMA makes exhibitions, books, and magazines, organises performances and events, presents and represents young artists at home and abroad, and is part of an international network. MAMA provides a platform for the expressions of new subcultures and countercultures. 

The programme is rooted in youth and popular culture and takes place in areas where broader cultural developments – social, technological, economic – become visible within contemporary art practice. MAMA closely follows the developments of a young generation of 

artists, striving to achieve this through invitation, support, and development.


MaMA is a creative hub where a bridge is built between the youngest generation of creators and the cultural field. MaMA positions itself as a bridging institution between old and new worlds in the broadest sense of the term; between generations, between disciplines, between online and offline worlds. MaMA plays a pivotal role in Rotterdam’s cultural ecosystem, which has been its home since its founding in 1997. From this home base, MaMA is active nationally and connected internationally. MaMA’s approach is characterized by five pillars: generosity, courage, entrepreneurship, empowerment, and collaboration. 

Above all, MAMA is a community. MAMA works together with a large and diverse group of emerging professionals: Team MAMA. They provide feedback, solicited and unsolicited, on our content and the direction of the programme and the organisation. Many have become staff members or participated in our exhibitions and projects. Our supporters – both organisation and audience – are actively engaged, ambitious, and articulate.

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