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We are currently not in a position to onboard new individuals, so please be prepared for a potential delay in our response.

The TEAM is everyone who contributes to our plan to take over the world – both in front of and behind the scenes. We take your qualities, ambitions, and interests as pointers for the part you can play in realising MAMA’s broad range of projects. We strive to be a modern, open, and horizontal organisation. Want to cut to the chase and become a volunteer right away? Fill in the form, and we’ll have a coffee and a chat soon. Don’t feel like filling in a form? Send us a creative email. Need more convincing before you contact us? Then click on ‘tell me more’. So, to reiterate: the Team consists of volunteers and you would be applying for a volunteer position. If there are vacancies within MAMA you can find them here.

Do you love visual culture? Are you fascinated in how images and stories in popular culture and contemporary art shape the world we live in? Are you an organiser or maker, or just a connoisseur? Do you want to roll up your sleeves and get involved in visual culture’s impact on your world? As a member of Team MAMA, there are many ways you can support our programme. You’ll also be among like-minded colleagues – always good for in-depth discussions or even delving into the night.


Firstly, it’s essential for you to get to know MAMA and for us to know you. MAMA’s Talent Coordinator does an intake interview with every new TEAM member to map out your interests, talents, learning needs, the skills you have and the ones you want to develop. You immediately get a 360 of the organisation because you’ll soon be responsible for a number of general tasks: distributing flyers, guided tours in the showroom, and running the bar. You perform your first shifts with a buddy who has been working here for a while – so you’ll immediately get the lowdown about the organisation and all the relevant gossip 🙂


At MAMA, you can discover your ideal role in the cultural sector. Are you more interested in communication or education? Do you like developing event content or are you more of a production tiger? You can also learn the practical aspects of exhibition making by joining the construction team. We regularly organise master classes according to questions from Team MAMA. What skills can improve your role in the organisation and also your personal and professional growth? Or maybe you’d like to transfer some knowledge to the Team. Learning together and inspiring each other is vital.

Informal and Social

MAMA regularly organises drinks, sometimes just for fun and without a specific purpose but often to inform the entire MAMA Team of future plans and get feedback. Team members with particular interests and knowledge are invited to contribute to brainstorming sessions, and everyone is welcome to join the weekly staff meeting and bring in agenda items. MAMA’s staff makes time to support other Team members with individual projects, application letters, and career advice. And when we see opportunities, we’ll connect you to our professional network. Of course, the annual Team BBQ is always a memorable and unmissable moment.

Permanent Footprint

We encourage Team Members to leave their mark on the programme. Each exhibition has two peripheral activities organised by Team MAMA, one in collaboration with the programme maker, and one as an independent answer to the questions an exhibition raises. As a Team MAMA member, you can join the Networks committee and determine which projects get supported. Since the autumn of 2017, MAMA has been working on building a library around the pillars of inclusiveness and informal communities; its development is based on the exhibition programme and suggestions from Team members.

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