Naamloos Collective is looking for a motivated and reliable partner with strong communication skills who up for the challenge of organising a demanding event

Job title: Communications Manager
Starting day: July

Naamloos Collective is a collective identity open to everyone to use and act upon. Naamloos Collective aims to give visibility to the unseen stories of Rotterdam, with a specific focus on the South. The collective formed initially within the framework of the On the Point project, a project held by MAMA-platform for visual culture and co-funded by Creative Europe. This project focuses on the south part of the city, and precisely on the Feijenoord district, a district rich in contemporary socio-economic features such as hyper-diversity and gentrification. For this project, Naamloos Collective has created the ‘Hart als Zuid’ event, a sociocultural project which comments on the notions of gentrification, the sense of belonging, and ownership. “Hart als Zuid” consisting of four art-projects and a curated 2 weeks event which will take place at various locations in Afrikaanderwijk, Rotterdam.

Join the team!

Naamloos Collective is a team of three young professionals: Nabil Tkhidousset, Nikki Georgiou & Yorbi Gutierrez, and is looking for the fourth member to complete the team; the Communications Manager.

This position is ideal for a young professional in the field of arts/cultural marketing & communication who seeks to gain more experience, enrich their knowledge & know-hows, and expand their network. Most importantly, they will have the opportunity to work in an independent way and a creative environment as well as be part of a diverse team and of a project that aims to urge positive changes in society.

Throughout the project Naamloos Collective receives guidance and support from MAMA through bi-weekly and individual coaching and production meetings and has a secure budget to realize the project ‘Hart als Zuid’.

Role description

The Communications Manager is responsible for external communication of the collective as well as for tasks related to marketing & public relations. They ensure that Naamloos Collective’s message is consistent and well communicated to third-party collaborators as well as engaging the audience. Their main duties include preparing marketing strategies, newsletters & press releases, managing social media and arranging interviews. Naamloos Collective will also recruit a Communications Assistant to support the Communications Manager on the intense two month period before and during the realization of the event, to deliver the best possible result.

Tasks overview:

  • Create and manage the online content, social media accounts, press release, and newsletters
  • Develop and implement effective communication strategies to ensure event awareness and audience attraction, development, and engagement.
  • Publications, promotion, and interviews
  • Plan, manage and supervise the design, content, production and dissemination of all marketing materials
  • Make sure that all the partners’ logos are in the agreed promotion material (online & offline)
  • During the 2weeks event:
    • Plan, manage and supervise the online content
    • Secure documentation
    • Make sure that the promotion materials are where they need to be
  • Dissemination final report

The ideal candidate should have related education and/or experience, affiliation with the arts and culture sector and be interested in sociocultural topics. Naamloos Collective is looking for a motivated and reliable partner with strong communication skills who is up for the challenge of organizing a demanding event. They should be able to communicate excellently in both Dutch and English in both written and verbal form. A person that believes in the cause of Naamloos Collective and wants to be part of the team long-term.


The project budget is co-funded by MAMA, Creative Europe, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Fonds for Cultuurparticipatie. There is a compensation of €1350,- for the Communications Manager. The expected involvement for this project is between July and October, with a weekly involvement mostly after the mid-August.


Send your motivation letter (no more than a page) and CV at by stating in the subject: Communications Manager Application. Applications are being accepted until the 31st of May.

For any clarification, you can email

Photo by Tomas Mutsaers: Yorbi Gutierrez during On the Point – Rotterdam Edition