This position is ideal for a young professional in the field of arts/cultural marketing & communication who seeks to gain more experience, enrich their knowledge & know-hows, and expand their network

Job title: Communications Key-Master
Starting day: August

Naamloos Collective is a collective identity open to everyone to use and act upon. Naamloos Collective aims to give visibility to the unseen stories of Rotterdam, with a specific focus on the South. The collective formed initially within the framework of the On the Point project, a project held by MAMA-platform for visual culture and co-funded by Creative Europe. This project focuses on the south part of the city, and precisely on the Feijenoord district, a district rich in contemporary socio-economic features such as hyper-diversity and gentrification. For this project, Naamloos Collective has created the ‘Hart als Zuid’ event, a sociocultural project which comments on the notions of gentrification, the sense of belonging, and ownership. “Hart als Zuid” consisting of four art-projects and a curated 2 weeks event which will take place at various locations in Afrikaanderwijk, Rotterdam.

Naamloos Collective is a team of three young professionals: Nabil Tkhidousset, Nikki Georgiou & Yorbi Gutierrez. To achieve the aims of the ‘Hart als Zuid’ project, engage as many as possible creatives and residents of the South within the idea of promoting the existing creativity of the South and Feijenoord through the eyes of its residents, two additional groups have been formed: the Key-Masters and the Ambassadors. The Key-Masters are engaged with the organizational part of the project and the Ambassadors are mostly engaged with the event itself; they act as tour guides and knowledge-points presenting to the wide audience their own perspective of the project.

Role description

The Communications Key-Master is basically the Communications Assistant. Their role is to assist the Communications Manager of Naamloos Collective with a more intense working-schedule during the implementation of the event (2 weeks).

Tasks overview:

  • Assistance in creating the online content, social media accounts, press release, and newsletters
  • Make sure the manager has all the necessary visuals for the online publications and especially for the press release
  • Create contact lists for publications and promotions
  • Promote, promote, promote
  • Create the schedule of the social media accounts based on the manager’s supervision
  • Archiving dissemination
  • During the 2-weeks event, make sure to support the manager in creating online content for social and secure the documentation (always in supervision with the manager)
  • Coordinate with the manager the documentation agents
  • Make sure that all the partners’ logos are in the agreed promotion material (online & offline)
  • Make sure that the info points have always materials

The ideal candidate should have related education and/or experience, affiliation with the arts and culture sector and be interested in sociocultural topics. Should have strong communication skills and be up for the challenge of organizing a demanding event.  Moreover, they should be able to communicate excellently in both Dutch and English in both written and verbal form.

The Key-Master will be involved throughout a period of approx. 2-months and receive a compensation of 350 euros. A letter of recommendation is also possible under request as well as the possibility to collaborate for future projects.

What’s in for you?

This position is ideal for a young professional in the field of arts/cultural marketing & communication who seeks to gain more experience, enrich their knowledge & know-hows, and expand their network. They will have the opportunity to work in an independent way and in a creative environment as well as be part of a diverse team and of a project that aims to urge positive changes in society.


Send your motivation letter (no more than a page) and CV at by stating in the subject: Communications Key-Master Application. Applications are being accepted until the 30th of June.

For any clarification, you can email us at

Photo: Amber de Saeger and Jakob van den Brouke (both from Het Entrepot) in conversation with Nikki Georgiou during her workshop for On the Point. Photo by Tomas Mutsaers (2019).