We are looking for makers who want to challenge themselves to make their concepts come to fruition.

With NETWORKS we are asking makers to bombard us with original and creative plans for projects that belong in the cultural sector. Have you been walking around with an idea for an opinionating talkshow, interactive (performance) installation or small publication? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us! MAMA would love to support you in realising your dream project.

We are looking for makers who want to challenge themselves to make their concepts come to fruition. In this way, you are guaranteed to keep control over the end result and can truly leave your own mark on your project. MAMA is supporting your project with a financial contribution, and together we will examine how we can best support you in the development of your concept, production schedule and marketing plan. And of course you are free to make use of MAMA’s network.

That sounds good and all, but what exactly does one receive for a NETWORKS-project?  

  • Between €750,- and €1500,- working budget for the development of a new project
  • 2 intensive coaching sessions with a MAMA staff member or someone from our direct network
  • Toolkit with tips and useful addresses for potential partners, artists and suppliers
  • Promotion for your project through our website, newsletter and social media

And exactly what are the criteria of a NETWORKS-project?

Chiefly it is important that your project can be realised independently. We will evaluate your project on quality, feasibility and the manner in which it enriches our current programme. Also, the project needs to contain a public presentation in some way or shape. This can vary from intimate living rooms exhibitions to a performance intervention in the street.

NETWORKS-projects are coproductions. This means that we ask NETWORKS applicants to match MAMA’s financial contribution. You can do this financially, for example with a personal investment or through another fund. But you can also match the contribution in-kind by working together with one or several partners. We ask you to send us a concept-budget as part of your application.

Example: MAMA contributes €1000,- for a new mediawork. You can match this contribution by asking a film crew to work for a reduced rate or you can find a professional venue that wants to host your event for free.

How are the applications chosen?
Eligible NETWORKS-projects are selected by a committee consisting of two MAMA staff members and two Team MAMA members. We involve our Team MAMA member in the decision making process so the choices we make are a valid reflection of our community. The committee meets every 8-10 weeks.

Fill in the form below and we will get in contact as soon as possible. Deadlines:

  • November 1 (you will get a response from us in week 46)
  • December 2 (you will get a response from us in week 50)
  • January 6 – 2020 (you will get a response from us in week 03)

WARNING: Currently are automated response system is not working optimally. We ARE receiving your applications, but you will not receive an automated confirmation email.