Become part of the script! Act out your wildest dreams in front of an unsuspecting audience

During the Various Exhibition Titles exhibition the audience to our showroom is invited to look at artworks that use the view on the Witte De Withstraat as a subject and backdrop. All of the sudden, the people passing by turn into actors. Unaware of their newly gained part in the script.

In addition to Various Exhibition Titles, curator Willem de Haan designed a very normcore cap. With its navy blue top, light grey inside and pink details the Six panel Actor-cap is a true must have for everyone who has to deal with the paparazzi on a daily basis.

One size fits all; now for only €25,-. Send us an E-mail to pay through iDEAL and we’ll deliver your cap.

Ellis Kat, Shearey Pinas, Mylan Hoezen, Yahaira Brito Morfe

Bo Bannink