Just like the past two summers, MAMA is making its showroom available for a cool initiative

MAMA is taking a short vacation; bustin’ some moves, chilling on the beach or hanging in a garden. Wherever MAMA is going, she’ll be out of town for some time. But this doesn’t mean we will be wasting the precious rent money for our showroom. Just like the past two summers, MAMA is making its showroom available for a cool initiative. This year we are handing over the keys to the showroom from August 25 – September 7. It’s time for another Summer Swap!

What exactly is the Summer Swap?

  • The keys to MAMA’s showroom are transferred to a group of people, who will be in charge for a period of two weeks.
  • MAMA is on vacation. So you cannot call her for help regarding production, technical issues or programme related advice.
  • You are completely free (within the borders of judiciary regulations, of course) to develop and present programmes within the showroom. This means your ideas don’t need to match MAMA’s goals. MAMA is away from home, so you have complete freedom.
  • The showroom is clean and empty upon delivery. And this is how you present it when you are done. MAMA likes coming home to a clean house.
  • Be nice to the neighbours.

Do you want to be the spiritual successor to Mami Bricks and Howling Pancakes? Send us a short email with your proposal: summerswap@thisismama.nl. The proposals are read by Yahaira Brito Morfe (Mami Bricks) & Laura Grimm (Howling Pancakes), who will decide what initiative gets to take over the showroom.

Deadline is the 1st of July!

Tip: send a short but sweet proposal (max. 300 words).

Not really into writing? No problem. Just send a video- or audiomessage. Try to capture your proposal in a lively way, so that Yahaira and Laura have a good understanding of your idea. We will organise an evening where it is possible for you to explain your proposal in real life.

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