MAMA has ANBI status (public benefit organisation). This means that a gift can be deducted from our income or corporation tax. Please visit the Tax Office website for more information about the conditions.

hilde_speet_character_building_openingCharacter Building - Opening (2018) © Hilde Speet

From 1 January 2014, every ANBI is obliged to provide insight into a number of details. The goal is to be as transparent as possible for (potential) donors. You can find the information made mandatory by the tax authorities below. If you are interested in becoming a MAMA sponsor and wish to obtain additional information, please contact MAMA’s Director, Nathalie Hartjes, by calling 010-2332022 or by email:

Statutory name: Stichting Public Art Squad

RSIN/tax number: 806370051

Visiting address: Witte de Withstraat 29-31, 3012 BL Rotterdam

Statutory objectives:
The Foundation aims to:
• Organise projects in the field of art and new media in indoor or outdoor spaces
• Stimulate artists to participate in new developments in the field of art and communication media
• Stimulate young people from Rotterdam, the Netherlands or who have their roots outside the Netherlands to participate in new developments in art and media

Chair: Paulette Verbist
Treasurer: Bart van de Laak
Ilga Minjon
Leyla Eren
Abdi Youssuf
Junior Board: Lauren Brand
Remuneration Policy: Board members receive no remuneration.

Bank Triodos Bank NV
IBAN NL66 TRIO 0338 6641 65
Statutory name: Stichting Public Art Squad
BTW (VAT): NL 8063.70.051.B.01
KvK (Chamber of Commerce): 24272758